Buy Me A Coffee — A simple way to fund your creative work ☕

Mark Aungkul
3 min readJul 9, 2021
form buy me a coffee website

Let your follower or your fans go and make the voluntary in the form of a cup of coffee

Surely , it don’t have to be a cup of coffee but the cup of coffee is cool isn’t and it also a relaxed , informal way to saying Thank You !

Let’s see how to start using it !

Let start with the set up !

To get start with BUY ME A COFFEE , it just go the link fill in some basic detail and good to go! One of the advantage Buy Me A Coffee is completely free to get start. it simply take 5% of every transaction.

For Example , every 3 dollar that I make they take 15 cent from that. You can also pay for the credit card charge for your fans as well for the extra

Here is how it look like for the first landing page !

You can see that on the right screen they are the box call support and you can buy Mark a coffee. You can also leave the note to them and hit the support button below

For some one that didn’t feel like coffee you can do your customise to another thing such as Beer Pizza or a book. If you still dont like it you can custom to be something as you like

Monthly Support for your big fans ! 👛

Memberships are a way for the people to donate you as a monthly basis and you can set the reward to your value member. You can also set the reward as you want to offer your fans

You can set some reward as you like for the monthly supporter !

Shop Function — Let you start to sell digital product online 🛍️

You can sell the digital product by add you file to BMC website and waiting your customer to download it.

You can set your product up on sell on this channel !

You can sell something as simple as digital file exclusive video or even a art commission.

One of the thing is you can also donate some of your dollar to charity that you like directly on the website

Why do I like it ! 💕

To set it up , it also take less than 5 min to set thing up that is one of the cool thing about it. Moreover, It feel more friendly and also give also give people choice to donate as you like in a easy way.

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