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Mark Aungkul
4 min readMay 8, 2022
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“Time is the most valuable asset you don’t own”

I always find myself never having enough time to do my personal project after a long day of work. So I start searching for YouTube videos and articles to find the productivity hack for myself and shared with you to make our life easier.

Here are 5 techniques that I start using and make my life change based on my experience.

1. The Two Minute Rule

“ When you want to start new habit , it should take less than two minute to do”

The idea behind this is to make new habit don’t feel challenged. The actions that follow can be challenging, but the first two minutes should be easy.

You can see that nearly every habit can be break down into two-minute version:

  • “Start running every day” → “Wearing shoes and start walking around”
  • “Create article on Substack every month” → “Find interesting topic to read”
  • “Read the book every night” → “Reading for three pages”

However, when you apply the 2-minute rule make sure it is one of your priorities. Don’t get sucked into someone else’s yes when you didn’t mean to. That is not a productive use of your time.

2. The Two Day Rule

“ Never allow yourself to take off more than 1 day in a row “

In a couple of year , I study about minimalist and find some YouTuber name Matt D’Avella and come across one of popular content pieces called “ 2-Day Rule. “

2-Day Rule is very simple. It just not allow yourself to take off more than one day in a row for some that value in your life. After you use the 2-Day Rule for a couple of week , it will building up your habit loop muscle and finally achievement of new habits.

3. Time-boxing

“ Manage your time in the boxes in the calendar “

Time-boxing is the practice of setting a fixed amount of time for each task in to your schedule. The idea behind this is to set yourself a time to get a task done even your free time. I personally use this technique and found it very useful.The day that I start using it was the day that my productivity increase more than 3x over night.

  • It remove choice what I need to do next in a day
  • It increase my level of focus due to the limit time box

4. Daily Highlight

“Try to find that one thing that will make your whole day worth it. “

The idea before dairy highlight is to decide what is the one thing I want to get done today and make sure you provide time box. Imagine if someone asks you a question :

“what do you do for today ?“

What would be your answer to for this question ? … If answer this question isn’t always easy , I would like to suggest criteria to choose our highlight

  • Core Responsibility → Main focus for your life such as your full time job
  • Joy → it can be something that bring joy and don’t have to be productive at all
  • Urgency → something urgent to do (try to reduce this as much as possible)

After you can do daily highlight every single day , it will act as a personal diary to track what you have been doing everyday in a year.

5. Checklist

“This Productivity System that can save people life”

Checklist is a simple tools that can reducing the workload and allow us to plan for the next step. I start using checklist for a couple of year now to plan my work every single day. I found out that it is very helpful to remove cognitive overload and carefully start making small incremental progress on the items.

I found a YouTube video about How PILOT CHECKLISTS increase your PRODUCTIVITY ? that will help you to understand how to create checklists in everyday life.

That’s all productivity tips that I would recommend you check out and try to build your system into your life. I believed that it will end up making you more productive and happier in your organized life ❤️

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